Real Money LottoRace Gaming is finally here!

With over 1 Million registered players and nearly 1 Billion Lines played for fun on Facebook, LottoRace real money games are now available!

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12 New Instant games to choose from with buy-in starting at 50 Pence per Line.

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3 New Tournaments featuring Jackpots estimated at £20,000!

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A secure and monitored environment to keep your info & cash safe!

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Your Choice!

Choose from a selection of games with various odds and payouts.

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Pick your lucky numbers and you're in the game!

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More Chances to Win!

Many prizes in each game with odds as good as 1 in 2.


Play against other players and not the Casino!


Guaranteed Winners with many prizes in each game.

Great Odds!

Choose your odds, as high as 1 in 2 or as adventurous as 1 in 20.

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Chat, have fun, and make new friends on Lottorace.

Worldwide Growth!

LottoRace has been played by over a Million people and is growing every day!

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Chat while you play LottoRace and make new friends.

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Chat privately with your LottoRace friends.

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See what your LottoRace friends are playing and join them!

Grow the Prize Pool!

Invite your friends to LottoRace and grow the Tournament prize pools.

Helping Charities!

LottoRace is working on developing innovative solutions to help charities all around the world.

LottoRace is not a Lotto/Lottery! In fact, it's quite the opposite of a lotto.

Here is how LottoRace is different from Lotto/Lotteries.

LottoRace has Guaranteed Winners in every game!

LottoRace games don't stop until all the winners have been determined!

LottoRace pays out all of the prizes in every game!

100% of the prize pool is always distributed to the winners!

LottoRace lets you choose your odds!

Players have a choice between winning big (High risk) and winning often (Low risk games).

LottoRace offers some of the best chances for you to win!

LottoRace games have odds of winning as high as 1 in 2 and as adventure loving as 1 in 20.

Strategy counts in LottoRace

On LottoRace, you can make selections which change your odds and the odds for other players in a given game.

Consider the following:

9 Line game with 3 players selecting 3 unique Lines each

In a perfectly normal distribution

Player A - with 3 unique Lines
Player B - with 3 unique Lines
Player C - with 3 unique Lines

Total Unique Lines


Odds of winning for each player

3 in 9
3 in 9
3 in 9

A game where one player selects 3 identical Lines

In a distribution affected by player strategy

Player A - with 3 unique Lines
Player B - with 3 identical Lines
Player C - with 3 unique Lines

Total Unique Lines


Odds of winning for each player

3 in 7
1 in 7
3 in 7